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5 Ways How Field Force Automation Is Benefitting The FMCG industry

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Kaluri Shankar

The FMCG Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. While growth and consumption is at a fast pace, work based challenges are quite complex. The growing awareness, easier access to products and changes in lifestyle are key drives for the sector. The model that had furled the growth of the FMCG Industry earlier is facing new challenges and pressure due to the behavior shift and channel landscape changes. The need to the hour being smart and agile operation models that focus on being different and gaining the edge over competition with minute detailing and nuances that make the difference.

When it comes to operations in the FMCG industry, the business processes and work-flow management plays a major role in creating value. Field Force Automation holds the key to success.
Be it mass market brand building or product innovation, at the end of the day building relationships with retailers provides an access to the final consumer. In-store execution and alignment of supply chain secures a strong bond as business grows.

Growing competition and fragmented data are factors that need to be overcome subtly by adopting processes that automate business functions. When it comes to sales there is no better way than taking the aid of a field force automation software and adopting it. Here are 5 ways on how to automate the field force staff in the FMCG Industry.

A Field force automation tool eliminates time consuming tasks from the sales team and enables them to do what they do best – Sales. It eases their job from mind numbering, repetitive behind the scene chores and on-field activities. Thus leading to greater sales operations and customer experience. Sales teams are able to keep track of their transactions and current situation to increase conversions.

In most traditional practices keeping track of stock is a humongous task. Mapping what is already sold without a Field force automation tool is not something one would imagine of. From forecasting stock requirements sales analytics to sakes metrics to start with can be easily done by a software that analyses past data and forecasts for the future. Sales stock changes are dynamic and one sale can effect the entire stock. Adopting and efficient field force automation system enables the sales team to keep a track of the stock at all levels from company to distribution to stockist to retailers and finally sales to the consumer. Strategising sales helps work flow automation, lead management and conversions – All through a single interface.

Ease of Distribution and On-time delivery are the key aspects of a growing FMCG Business. Where there are a wide base of distributors, stockists, retailers or clients, need for field force automation is a must to make business more streamlined. There is an effort involved to keep track of deliveries made. Route management, making alternate changes in plan, selecting the right warehouse to deliver to the right location, all aspects can be managed by an effective field force management tool.

It is extremely important that you get customers who do repeated buys of your products. be it cross-selling or up-selling, in this competitive world today one cannot afford to lose a good customer. Integration of your CRM software to the field force automation tool can ensure you have data of the past orders of your customer so that you may create automated and customized sales projections to up-sell and cross-sell your products.

Have the upper hand in your business to formulate strategies and systematic methods to grow your business and market reach with field force automation software. Forecasting, Reports, Analysis and Insights can give you the overall picture of what needs to be done to improve the business revenues.

Effort is a no-code, easy-to-use and Do It Yourself (DIY) Field Force Management Software, SaaS platform to build specific mobility solutions for managing time-critical and location-sensitive workflows, business-process and field-operations challenges. It is helpful for tracking and managing day to day activities for the field staff. FMCG companies can keep an eye on the field employees by tracking them online and real-time, remotely without interfering in their work. Effort is widely used for managing field employees and tracking their location, activities, attendance and job completion status while assigning the next task to them around the same location where they are present.

Minute details that make a big difference can also be mapped as there is a live tracking option for companies to see the daily mileage, start and end time of each meeting and progress of the situation with least dependency on manual records. We help FMCG companies increase their files and force production while saving time. In case you are looking for a comprehensive Field Force Management Software package for your FMCG brands, we are a one-stop solution for any field work related challenge.

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