The User has Signed in but Not Updated on the Dashboard

This article helps if you didn't find the sign-in details on the dashboard even though the user has already signed in. In such cases, follow the below steps.

  1. Log in to the respective EFFORT account.
  2. Navigate to Web App > Reports.
  3. Generate a Sign-Ins Sign-Outs via Mobile App report of the given user to check the sign-in details.
    Follow the steps given in the below link to generate the report.

  4. If you didn't get the details, then check the Mobile App Diagnosis Report of the same user. Verify the last sync time on the report.
  5. If the last sync time is older than the sign-in time, it means the sign-in is still pending for sync. Once the user syncs the mobile app, then the sign-in record will be reflected on the dashboard.