Work Status Not Updated


This article helps if you face below issues with some of the work processes.

  • The work is not moving to the next action after completion of the first action
  • The next action field is blank
  • The work is completed after the first action

Follow the below steps to quickly resolve the above issues before forwarding them to the technical team.

Basic Steps

Follow the below steps to check the workflow.

  1. Log in to EFFORT account.
  2. Navigate to Configurator > Work Processes > Action Process.
  3. Click on the work process card which you want to check.
  4. Click on the Manage Flow card.

    Refer to the above screenshot for your reference. You can see the workflow defined for a work process. Here, you can observe that there are some configurations as columns we can set for each action. Each column has unique functionality. The workflow will be changed according to the configurations defined here. You can explore these configurations in the EFFORT Reference Manual. Click Here to access the reference manual.

  5. Check the below configurations to make sure that the defined workflow is correct.
    • Start Action and End Action: Make sure these are correctly given or not. In the workflow, these indicate from which action to start and at which action to end.
    • End Work Rules: If you see Modify Rule(s) under this column for a work action, it indicates that there is a rule defined to end the work action. If the defined rules are satisfied, then the work will end with this work action. We need to verify the defined rules with the data in the form which is configured to that work action. If both are matching, then the work ends with that work action.

    • Next Actions: Under this column, you can see the next action to be performed after the completion of the current work action. If you found Modify Rule under this column, then you need to verify the configured rules with the data in the form which is configured to that work action. The next actions will be performed according to the rules defined.


After verifying all the above steps, if you found that the configurations are correct, then the work must move to the next action according to the configured workflow.

Still, if the next action field is empty, the below are possible reasons for the issue.

  • Work status is not updated. This may be the reason why it is not moving to the next action even after completion of the first action.
  • Because of any error.

Contact our Spoors support with the work ID, work spec ID, and debug info.