Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations

Improve your Crop Yield with Effort's Farm Management Solutions

Effort is a comprehensive solution for farm operations. The platform manages time-critical and location-sensitive workflows on the farm including those essential for crop planning. With Effort, farmers can manage their core farm operational workflows anytime and anywhere while accessing real-time data

Challenges in Agriculture Industry

Climate change and other environmental factors have a significant impact on agriculture. Several measures for increasing farm revenue have been identified, as well as appropriate remunerative price and marketing support.

Unproductive Farming

Improper resource management leading to a decrease in productivity.

Vendor Grievances

Inefficient workflows lead to delay in delivering new orders, grievances, and on-boarding a vendor.

Lack of Data Precision

Inaccurate manual data
entry leads to errors and fraud.

Experts from Agriculture use our code-free platform to

Order Booking & Approvals

Building applications that enhance the end-to-end process of order fulfillment from creation to approval.

Seed Management System

Creating communication channels to help create a feedback loop to help in improving the seed production process.

Bulk Crop Monitoring

For precision agriculture, Effort Real-Time Geo referenced Crop Monitoring can monitor grain quality in real-time throughout harvesting.

Customers Onboarding

A successful farmer onboarding process starts with a well-thought-out orientation, training, and compliance, and leads to agricultural benefits.

Farmer Digital Profiling

he introduction of digitized farmer profiles could bring change age in farming. Smallholder farmers' lives are being transformed by mobile technology.

Hybrid Seeds Sample

Sampling and analysis of hybrid seeds, including genetic purity tests or seed health tests, if applicable, to ensure adherence to the mandated

Crop Data Collections

Crop data tool obtain useful information such as the crops cultivated, the farmer's agronomic techniques, and data on crop growth over time.

Dealer Visits

A crop dealer who is passionate about serving farmers in order to make a contribution to increasing crop productivity and farmer income.

Expense Reimbursements

The Efforts software streamlines the expenditure reporting process, making it simple to manage travel costs and reimburse employees.

Find out how Effort transformed workflows for a leading Agriculture company.

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