Challenges in Finance

The NBFC and BFSI sectors continue to be at the forefront of driving the economy of a nation. But they too face many day-to-day challenges (both internal and external) which are making them inefficient.

Manual Processes
Manual Processes

Manual handling of loan processes is tedious and requires a workforce, thus incurring more expenses

Disparate Records
Disparate Records

Too many spreadsheets and a lack of knowledgeable personnel to manage it

Inaccurate Reports
Inaccurate Reports

Lack of finesse and accuracy in the monthly/yearly reports

Haywire Workflows
Haywire Workflows

Improper management of the lending life cycles

No Insights
No Insights

Rudimentary insights on consumer data reduce the chance of expansion and gaining new customers

Data Loss
Data Loss

Loss of data and errors due to the lack of data security

Streamlining workflows with customizable applications

Choose from a host of forms built specifically for a purpose to ensure total compatibility and maximum efficiency. The technology and the expertise of our builders ensure complete assurance of the highest quality.

  • Delinquent Customers
    Delinquent Customers

    A single view window for all late or overdue payments.

  • Feedback Form
    Feedback Form

    Get instant feedback from customers for process improvements.

  • Deposit Form
    Deposit Form

    Easy to use deposit form for faster processing and transactions.

  • Deposit Approval
    Deposit Approval

    Fast approvals for accelerating operations and improved efficiency.

  • Receipt (Payment) Form
    Receipt (Payment) Form

    Generate receipts for payments while keeping track of all payments received.

  • Receipt (Payment) Cancel Form
    Receipt (Payment) Cancel Form

    Record canceled payments in real-time for easy reporting.

  • FI Work
    FI Work

    Oversee all field activities and track them in a single place.

  • FI Form
    FI Form

    Quick forms to increase the speed and efficiency of field operations.

  • FI Form Approval
    FI Form Approval

    Faster approvals for improved turnaround time for customers.

  • Audit Works
    Audit Works

    Track and monitor audit teams for greater visibility.

  • RCU Questionnaire Form
    RCU Questionnaire Form

    Understand and optimize risks with greater transparency.

  • Review by Regional Manager
    Review by Regional Manager

    Higher management visibility of audit operations on the go.

  • Borrower Profiling
    Borrower Profiling

    Collect all necessary borrower information in a single form.

  • Sales Review
    Sales Review

    Communicate the policies, terms & conditions via a single channel.

  • Borrower Proposals
    Borrower Proposals

    Organize and track borrowers by categorizing products and proposals.

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