Appasamy Associates is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ophthalmic equipment, microscopes, lasers, IOLs, microsurgical instruments and pharmaceuticals with a dedicated R&D team to fulfill the requirements of the ophthalmic medical community. They intend to make it easy for ophthalmic surgeons and vision care professionals in India to have modern technology and equipment to help them serve better.


Lack of Proper Communication
Due to the lack of a proper communication channel between back office employees and the field staff, the client was unable to respond to complaints and service requests from many hospitals and clinics using their products across the country.

No Proof of Customer Resolve
The client’s field staff was having trouble proving their visits to a customer’s location in response to a ticket.

No Centralized Customer Fulfillment
The client did not have a centralized data bank of customer feedback and remarks post ticket resolving. This created a feedback void which stagnated the improvement of customer experience.

Delayed Approvals
Due to the lack of a holistic collaboration between back office employees, field staff, and the management, approvals on reimbursements were delayed having a direct impact on the employee experience of the field staff.

Customer Activities
Client’s field staff schedules regular visits for maintenance and service enquiries which proved to be difficult without effective communication between the customer and the back office staff.

The Spoors Solution

Effective Communication Channels
With Effort’s effective communication channel applications, it became easier for the back office staff to provide the details of the complaints to the field staff in due time. This enabled faster response to the customer complaints and queries.

Geo-tagged Field Staff Monitoring
The Geo-tagging capabilities of Effort’s application enables monitoring of field staff location to confirm the visitations to customer locations. This enabled the financial teams to verify claims of reimbursements made by the field staff.

Feedback Loop
The application enables the field staff to record customer remarks and feedback that need to be incorporated to improve maintenance services. This leads to the direct improvement of the customer experience.

Collaboration Capabilities
With Effort’s collaboration capabilities, field staff, back office staff, and the management can communicate effectively for faster approval of reimbursement claims.

Customer Activities
The application also allows the field staff and back office staff to schedule regular maintenance visits and boost the company-customer relationship.

The Benefits

  • 20% increase in sales
  • 10% reduction in the cost of rework
  • 20% time saved due to increased productivity
  • Improved performance of the employees

Let's solve the challenge together with EFFORT