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Monitoring health of Chicks
Poultry involves constant monitoring of chick health to ensure the hens grow into a protein-rich livestock suitable for consumption. However, tracking the feed and health of chicks was proving to be an arduous task for the client considering the numbers in which they were breeding the hens.

Task visibility
Tracking a team involving farmers, dieticians, field employees, and market dealers involves a lot of tasks that need monitoring capabilities. The lack of coordination between the many teams was leading to adverse health effects on the chicks.

Inappropriate feeding scheduling
Breeding chicks need a specific kind of feed, in specific times, and in a specific dosage. Monitoring the feed consumption by the chicks due to the sheer number of chicks across the many poultry farms was becoming very difficult and required immediate attention to improve the quality of the meat.

Disease management
Avoiding, managing, and eradicating diseases in the livestock helps in keeping the health of the chicks in check, making sure that the investment on the breeding gains better profits. Diseases that lead to the reduction in livestock value need to be terminated early on.

Lack of reports
Without a centralized platform, monitoring and tracking of the progress of the livestock was not entirely visible to the decision makers.

The Spoors Solution

Health Checkup Scheduling
With Effort, the field staff was equipped with health enquiry capabilities to schedule regular checkups and update the management about the contact details of the farmers, quantity of chicks, mortality rate, average weight, and overall health of the lot. Everything until the chicks are delivered to the market is tracked and recorded.

Field Staff Tracking
Tracking abilities enabled by this application allowed the managers to track the assigned tasks to the field staff as well as collate contact information of farmers and breeders for impromptu updates and verification.

Feed Control
With feed control capabilities, the client was able to track the quantity of feed consumption while monitoring the behaviour of the chicks. Moreover, the feed scheduling within the application ensures quality control and appropriate feed consumption for optimized results.

Medication Tracking
Medication scheduling and progress reports help in disease control to minimize the impact of a disease on the livestock. Digital mobile monitoring at the management level updates them with the medical progress of the livestock with precision.

At the end of every week, reports containing the detailed status of the chicks in the lot are sent to the management for a duration of a minimum of 35 and maximum of 65 days of breeding. The management team assigns tasks based on the reports in the application itself.

The Benefits

  • 20% increase in sales
  • 10% reduction in the cost of rework
  • 20% time saved due to increased productivity
  • Improved performance of the employees

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