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Lack of Workflow Standardisation
With a rapidly increasing customer base, the client was finding it difficult keeping track. Workflow standardisation was the need of the hour, to make processes measure-able, devise indices, track them, draw comparisons and learn from them.

No Standard Process for Customer Visits
Used for the purposes of onboarding, audits and servicing, field sales and service teams were not reporting back in prescribed formats. Thereby, there was no visibility into their field activities and no performance measurement mechanisms.

No Offline Availability
Not being able to collect data due to bad Connectivity issues causing information delays and problems to the mobile workforce.

Duplicative Efforts
Repeated visits to the same customers, while others were left unattended as office staff could not check on any activities of the field staff.

Lack of Transparency
No transparency in field activities and office staff in the dark about it.

No standard measurement of performance was there in place so there was certain absenteeism seen from the field employees

The Spoors Solution

Streamlined Workflow Standardisation
Information gathering process was streamlined in order to reduce the difficulty of keeping track of data. Processes were made measure-able and trackable and pre-sales gathering of customer information was streamlined.

Standardised Process for Customer Visits
Customer interface proceedings were recorded for onboarding and audits while customer satisfaction surveys are conducted through the app to track servicing thereby ensuring a standardised process for all visits.

Improved customer interface

  • All visits are automated. Day plans and route plans are auto-assigned ensuring no repeated or unattended visits
  • Customer check-ins were captured in terms of frequency and the duration of each visit
  • A minimum amount of time was now being spent at the customer’s point of contact. There was no excess there and wastefulness was checked
  • Shortcomings from the point-of-view of marketing can immediately be reported by simply feeding inputs into the app while on a visit to an outlet

Offline Solution
More often than not, the customer location has no internet connection. That’s why Effort is designed in a way that it can be used fully and seamlessly even when there’s no connectivity.

Activities such as feedback on branding shortfalls at outlets are all done through the app, ensuring full transparency of all activities.

Employee Punch-cards
Employee punch-cards regulated attendance and checked absenteeism. At customer location, sign-in/sign-out is used to get geo-tagged activity data. Exact hours put in and the productivity are now being measured to ensure discipline.

Special Changes Done Since COVID-19
New Challenges
Earlier information gathering processes, customer visits, direct user registrations, collecting feedback, and promotional visits were all done in person directly by the field executives. But since the pandemic, customer visits were completely cut off causing the fear of business continuity.

Workflow Process Change

  • Designed a process where information was collected through calls, new user registrations were done online and customer feedback was collected with Effort’s dynamic online forms.
  • Data was now being collected from other sources but was still linked to Effort’s platform for keeping track of all activities.
  • All of these new changes were streamlined within a day and were put to use.

The Benefits

  • 20% increase in sales
  • 10% reduction in the cost of rework
  • 20% time saved due to increased productivity
  • Improved performance of the employees

Let's solve the challenge together with EFFORT