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Billing to Customers
Monthly billings soon became a challenge as the field executives don’t report back to enter hours into the system until the project is fully done which takes about 4-5 months. Only after that period an invoice was sent.

Every field employee in a particular project gets assigned the same main work but their sub-tasks are different from each other. It was hard to manually keep a track of all the sub-tasks taking place and bill accordingly.

Field Employee Assistance
Field Employees’ Queries were not looked into quickly hence causing time delays in their works.

No Internet Connection
More often than not the customer location where the power point was being installed had no internet connections. Most of the time the work is on-shore and there is no way for them to report any activity.

The Spoors Solution

Billing to Customers
With Effort, the field employees stated entering day-to-day time sheets info everyday straight from the hotel rooms after work into the Effort platform. The back office employee used the data to charge the customers monthly and more efficiently.

Every possible sub-task was automated into the platform so when the field employee selects that task the optimal number of hours spent on it are now auto-populated.

This is used for providing the best form of assistance to the field employees. A field employee can raise a ticket for any query and the receiver at the office answers them. If satisfied, the ticket closes and if it’s not then another ticket gets generated.

Offline Solution
As discussed, more often than not the customer location has no internet connections so Effort is designed in a way that it can be used fully and seamlessly offline with no connectivity

The Benefits

  • 20% increase in sales
  • 10% reduction in the cost of rework
  • 20% time saved due to increased productivity
  • Improved performance of the employees

Let's solve the challenge together with EFFORT