TrueMoney is a financial technology brand, providing e-payment services in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, the platform includes TrueMoney Wallet, WeCard by MasterCard, TrueMoney Cash Card, Kiosk, Express, Payment Gateway and Remittance. TrueMoney features a remittance service, and has initiated cross-border remittance from Myanmar and Cambodia, to Thailand.


Lack of Discrete Onboarding Process
New B2B Acquisition process, filling visit reports, Signing of the Acknowledgement form, Document collection for onboarding Agents are manually done and there is no track of activities with discrete onboarding process.

Inefficient Lead Allocation
Leads were assigned manually and there was no track lead stages and next actions hence reducing conversions.

Poor CRM Adoption
The existing CRM was not actively used by the salespeople on the ground.

Lack of Monitoring
Day-To-Day activities were not captured properly and hence it was difficult to measure individual target v/s achievements.

No Real-Time Data Capturing
All the forms and activities done on a day are not reported properly and hence cause a gap in informed decision making.

No Offline Availability
Not being able to collect data due to bad Connectivity issues causing information delays and problems to the mobile workforce.

The Spoors Solution

Streamlined Onboarding Process
All activities for onboarding Agents are automated and hence allowing you to track activities and lead stages along with a discrete and streamlined onboarding process using our work processes tool.

Auto Assign Leads
Auto assign tool & Dispatch tool allocates the lead to employees based on Location & Pin Codes. Assign automatic next actions, does regular follow ups and reports on lead status hence ensuring conversions.

The existing CRM was integrated with effort which gives more flexibility to salespeople on the ground.

Activity Tracking
Monitoring Tool & Live feed to track employee activities like Agent Check- ins, Client Visits, Form Submissions, Negotiations, Meetings with Decision Maker, Closures.

Alerts and Notifications
Notifications Tool used to send Simple, push notifications based communication messages between managers and salespeople.

Real-Time Reporting
Reports Tool used to pull real time data on all activities done to remove the gaps in decision making.

Offline Availability
Reduced information delays and problems to mobile workforce as there is a complete offline availability. Can be easily used in remote locations.

The Benefits

  • 20% increase in sales
  • 10% reduction in the cost of rework
  • 20% time saved due to increased productivity
  • Improved performance of the employees

Let's solve the challenge together with EFFORT