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The Industry Challenge

For any e-commerce and travel aggregators, customers and their satisfaction are the leading lights. And many challenges are standing in their way to make them happy and their business a success. Some of the challenges faced are:

Low Customer Acquisition

Ineffective lead management reduces the number of customers on-boarded as compared to expectations.

Delays In Deliveries

Late deliveries due to the lack of automated workflows and manual handling of all deliveries.

Poor Delivery Quality

Due to the ill-managed workflows, the quality of deliveries falter.

Customer Experience

Reduced customer satisfaction due to the lack of personalization.

Improving customer satisfaction with customized eCommerce solutions

Select applications from our range of eCommerce solutions to enhance specific gaps in your eCommerce business and offer a more profound and fulfilling experience to your customers and vendors through streamlined processes.

  • Order Reception

    Acknowledge order reception and confirm details to provide transparent visibility.

  • Order Shipping

    Provide shipping information like the route taken and the company assigned.

  • Warehouse Monitoring

    Track and monitor stocks at the warehouse for increased visibility.

  • Vendor Information

    Store vendor/partner information in a centralized system.

  • Meeting Conclusion

    Track tasks by documenting the minutes of the meetings.

  • Vendor Verification

    Collect and store vendor verification details for easy access.

  • Vendor Bank Details

    Collect vendor's bank details for easy payouts and transactions.

  • Vendor Information

    Collect vendor's details and contact information to simplify communication.

  • Verification Details

    Keep a track of verified vendors for greater control of the vendor program.

  • Service & Delivery

    Track the servicing and delivery of products to ensure on-time servicing.

  • Service Request

    Enable customers to request product servicing and submit issues.

  • Service Validity Check

    Check the service validity of the product requested for being serviced.

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