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ecommerce aggregators

Ecommerce Aggregators - Improved Customer Experience
and Delivery Management

Ecommerce Aggregate processes to ensure on-time delivery, improved customer experience, and enhanced tracking and monitoring of vendors and products.

What is meant by “Ecommerce Aggregators”

The marketplace business model essentially consists of a website or mobile application that features various products from various vendors and lets merchants advertise their companies on a sizable platform. The aggregator creates a partnership and enters into agreements with the chosen businesses to operate a consolidated product under a single brand.

The Industry Challenge

In order to address the demand for services that can facilitate both on-demand commuting and logistics, the ecommerce aggregator business model was initially established within the transportation and mobility industry. The major issue with aggregator-based mobility services is that they are typically driver-centric, meaning that they prioritize the needs of the driver over those of the end-user in order to potentially increase driver loyalty.
For any e-commerce and travel aggregators, customers and their satisfaction are the leading lights. And many challenges are standing in their way to make them happy and their business a success.
Some of the challenges faced are:

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Low Customer Acquisition

Ineffective lead management reduces the number of customers on-boarded as compared to expectations.

Delays In Deliveries

Late deliveries due to the lack of automated workflows and manual handling of all deliveries.

Poor Delivery Quality

Due to the ill-managed workflows, the quality of deliveries falter.

Customer Experience

Reduced customer satisfaction due to the lack of personalization.

Experts from the eCommerce
sector use our code-free platform to

Accelerate Delivery

Building solutions that help in the end-to-end tracking, monitoring, & processing of deliveries.

Improve Lead Management

Creating solutions to define, manage, and nurture leads for higher conversions and improved revenues.

Streamline Onboarding

Making solutions that help in identifying and managing vendor requests for smoother onboarding.

Enhance Service

Building solutions that improve validity verification & service request management for a better customer experience.

Improving customer satisfaction with
customized eCommerce solutions

Select applications from our range of eCommerce solutions to enhance specific gaps in your eCommerce business and offer a more profound and fulfilling experience to your customers and vendors through streamlined processes.


Order reception & confirm details to provide transparent visibility.

Lead Management

Store vendor/partner information in a system.


Collect vendor's bank details for easy payouts and transactions.


Track the servicing & delivery of products to on-time servicing.

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