>>> EFFORT's Customer App: Your Business, Your Way

The EFFORT platform’s customer app stands out by allowing field service businesses to fully customize it to match their brand. This includes changing the company’s name, logo, colors, and more. They can also feature their services and rates in the app and publish it under their own brand on Google Play and the App Store.

A standout feature is its seamless integration with the EFFORT FSM platform. Customer service requests through the app sync instantly with EFFORT FSM, allowing swift responses from business owners to inquiries and service requests.

Moreover, on the EFFORT platform, the customer app empowers users to easily track AMCs, monitor inquiries, manage technician appointments, schedule services, and communicate directly with businesses through in-app chat or calls. This enhances the overall customer experience and streamlines interactions with field service providers.

>>> Effortless Service Booking

With the EFFORT platform, customers can conveniently book services directly through the app, eliminating the need for phone calls or in-person visits. This streamlined process saves valuable time and effort for both customers and businesses.

>>> Instant Service Updates in Real-Time

With the EFFORT platform, customers can receive instant service status updates, including the technician’s real-time location and estimated time of arrival. This feature enhances efficiency, minimizes waiting times, and elevates the overall customer experience, all while working seamlessly in both online and offline modes.

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