Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations

Digitize & Transform your Field Force Operation with No-code platform and DIY Platform

Trusted by 200+ companies and 50K+ Field Force Operation

Why Effort?

Effort is a Remote Workforce Business Process Management platform by Spoors. It is being used by 150+ customers across 10 countries with over 50000 users. Each day over 2 million activities are being performed on the platform. It has ensured more than 30% improvement in remote workforce productivity and operational Process efficiencies for most of its global clients.

Build Remote Workforce Business Workflow Management Applications Instantly

DIY, Highly Configurable

Enabling Citizen Development

Build Unlimited Process/Workflows

Effort - Top Capabilities

Dynamic Forms Engine

Unlimited Workflow

Workforce Visibility

Market Place

Do It Your Self (DIY)

Integration Bots (Data & Rule)

Notification Engine

AI Powered

Reports & Analytics Studio

Masters Management

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Effort - DIY do-it-yourself and No-Code platform

Build Apps to Manage your Field Operations

Effort - Top Features
Offline & Online Capability
Real-Time Notifications
and Alerts
Integration with Google
Data Studio & Power BI
Auto ID Card Detects
& NumberPlate Reads
Create and Fill
forms using OCR
Face Recognition
Configure Action, Checklist
& Approval Workflows
Optimized Day
& Route Plans


Benefits of Using Effort
  • → Plan and Schedule audits
  • → Less preparation time
  • → Financial savings
  • → Quick analysis
  • → Compare with previous audits to create trends
  • → Auditors can view data, review documentation, make observations with auditees
  • → Automatic generation of audit report
  • → Greater flexibility


Benefits of Using Effort
  • → Auto allocation of customers to day plans
  • → Perform collections on at customer location
  • → Customer confirmation on collection
  • → Restricting amount limit on collection
  • → Options for depositing the collected amount

Dispatch & Distribution Management

Benefits of Using Effort
  • → Auto job Allocations
  • → GPS Tracking
  • → Proof of Delivery
  • → Digitization of DC
  • → Confirmation from the customer on delivery received.
  • → Real time updates to management
  • → Monitor feet on street
  • → Automated reports

Form Activity Management

Benefits of Using Effort
  • → Visibility restrictions on the form based on groups
  • → Forms navigation restricted.

Lead Management - NBFC

Benefits of Using Effort
  • → Tracking easy of New leads.
  • → Pin code based assignment to Executives
  • → Notifications to higher management for no activity on leads
  • → Flexible options to select by FE
  • → Reminder for re visits
  • → Multiple media collections.

Time Sheets

Benefits of Using Effort
  • → Enforce employees to fill in the time sheet
  • → Calculate the working hours for each employee
  • → Manage productivity and re assign cases for efficiency

Roadside Assistance

Benefits of Using Effort
  • → Customer location capture through SMS link
  • → Technician location status for the customer
  • → Technician alert through In App alarm
  • → Intelligence based auto allocation of tickets to nearest technicians
  • → Constant updates to the customer on ticket
  • → Integration with multiple systems
  • → Live technician monitoring interface (auto assign, locate, assign, track)

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