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The Industry Challenge

Field verification and audit is an important aspect of any industry to check the authenticity of a company or a person. Inefficient management of these fields leads to a drop in production and therefore profitability.

Inefficient Decision Making

Lack of real-time data leads to inefficient decision making and verification errors.

Reduced Productivity

Lack of workflows lead to zero motivation amongst employees and less productivity.

Manual Workflows

Lack of automated workflows makes auditing tedious, hectic, and time-consuming.

Avoidable Revisits

Delayed approvals waste personnel time in re-visiting the same place twice or more.

Simplifying audit and verification workflows

Get our customized workflow applications to streamline your field verification process, background checks, and audits to provide enhanced communication between the back office and field staff for faster turnaround time.

  • Create Action

    Assign and schedule background checks or audits with candidate details.

  • Verification Form

    Record investigations and the collected information along with scanned documents.

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