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field verification

Field Verification and Streamlined Auditing

Improving collaboration between the field staff and management for increased productivity in background verification checking processes.

What is Field Verification?

Customer profile validation, also known as Contact Point Verification (CPV), Background Verification (BV) or Field Verification (FV), is an important part of a financial institution's risk and credit approval process because it allows key information about existing or prospective clients to be independently verified through physical visits and other required due diligence processes prior to establishing a banking or lending relationship.

The Industry Challenge

Field verification and audit is an important aspect of any industry to check the authenticity of a company or a person. Inefficient management of these fields leads to a drop in production and therefore profitability.

Inefficient Decision

Lack of real-time data leads to inefficient decision making and verification errors.

Reduced Productivity

Lack of workflows lead to zero motivation amongst employees and less productivity.

Manual Workflows

Lack of automated workflows makes auditing tedious, hectic, and time-consuming.

Avoidable Revisits

Delayed approvals waste personnel time in re-visiting the same place twice or more.

Experts in background verification use our code-free platform to

field verification

Accelerate Field Verification

Building solutions that improve collaboration between back office and field staff for faster approvals and audits.
Effort is offering you a new verification system, the most inventive technique to track down every action of a field executive who validates facts provided by a customer. It's a mobile workforce management system that eliminates the need for paperwork.

Simplifying audit and verification workflows

Get our customized workflow applications to streamline your field verification process, background checks, and audits to provide enhanced communication between the back office and field staff for faster turnaround time.

Create Action

Assign and schedule background checks or audits with candidate details.

Verification Form

Record investigations & collected information with scanned documents.

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