Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations

Improve productivity of your finance teams with smart workflow automation.

Improve information transparency and audit efficiency.

Smart Finance Workflows for Efficient Teams

Effort helps companies run their finance department more efficiently by reducing expenses while driving growth. You can streamline collections & deposit mechanisms, vendor management, loan management, approval requests and many more processes. Empower your finance team with automated process flows to enable newer and more efficient ways of managing operations.

High Operating Costs

Effort helps organizations with better workforce management in finance through improved productivity & operations by identifying potential opportunities. It helps to streamline finance processes in streamlining workflows, & in turn, reduce daily operational costs.

Lack of

Ensure proper discipline
from start to finish and
define stages within
projects through workflow

Low Business

Automate finance processes
with workflows to
ensure stronger
financial forecasting.
and drive business value.

Unstructured Records & Reports

Financial reports and records help in assessing an organization’s worth and enable better decision-making. Inaccuracy of reports can also lead to compliance issues, penalties, and unnecessary costs.


Properly defined financial
processes help businesses
document operational
and functional changes
and keep everyone in the loop.

Poor Expense Management

Automated expense management helps in mitigating the risk of fraud by almost 68%. Defining clear guidelines and ensuring proper communication through automated workflow for finance operations can help in tracking expenses and reimbursements better.

Poor Internal Efficiency

Automating financial workflows with workflow automation software through a good workflow management system helps every team member to understand processes better. This prevents tasks from getting stalled or being handed over by one team member to another.

Lack of audits

BPM tools help in creating
strong audit trails.
This helps in managing
a successful, timely,
and profitable internal
management system

Experts involved with finance-related functions use our code-free platform to


Never-ending paperwork and manual processes can lead a finance team down a rabbit hole during an audit process. Financial workflows help teams undertake properly defined audit processes. Assigning, Selection, Planning, Execution, Reporting & Follow-Up are clearly defined through automated workflows to deliver required results. Get the best finance workflow tool to streamline your audit process.

Process Creation

Based on inputs received or feedback generated, the workflow management system enables proper process creation to ensure smooth operations and reduce operational costs. Common finance processes include expense management, billing & credit, capex, strategic and financial planning & analysis, budgeting, compliance, taxes, etc.

Process Audit

Focused on driving business value and ensuring optimum internal inspection, process auditing helps in highlighting specific procedures and routines within designated business units and departments. Process audits help organizations to generate effective results by managing objectives in a controlled manner. Digitized workflows also lead to management of expenses, increasing transparency, and overall internal efficiency.


Create streamlined workflow management system operations with equipment maintenance requests. Capture data seamlessly through field agents and verify the same with speedier movement through to the managerial levels.

Workflow management streamlines financial requests sequentially and improves accuracy by reducing human errors.

Our workforce management software helps finance departments to improve insight, undertake data-driven decisions, and generate structured information.

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