Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations

Make your HR processes more productive with customized workflows and reduce administrative costs

Optimise. Simplify. Automate.

Upgrade HR workflows for streamlined talent acquisition, employee onboarding, and people management

Effort’s human resource management workflow solution ensures consistency of HR processes while reducing manual errors. Undertake efficient hiring processes, easy checklist processes, conduct e-Sat and track improvements, deliver an orchestrated onboarding experience, curate employee plans, and many more. You can also monitor employee performance and manage your KRAs better.

Poor Approval

To quicken the sign-off process,
automation is key. Human resource
management setup workflow
automation helps in managing
daily activities and gathering
approvals efficiently in the form
of Action Assignments.

Lack of Data

Use forms to collect personal
and professional data from
employees, and store data
in centralised silos.
This data helps in faster
residential verification,
both on and off the field.

Poor onboarding process

Enable smooth onboarding of employees by automating actions like easy checklists processes, document verification, mail record creation, providing demos, and introducing teams; in other words, enabling smoother HR functions through
workflow and workforce management systems.

Lack of Task

Assign tasks, manage tasks,
and assess progress quickly
through automated forms;
for example in event management,
seamlessly create,
assign, and complete tasks.

No Knowledge Management

Continuously encourage employees to learn and pick up skills by making organisational resources available, enabling hassle-free HR functions.

Poor Timesheet Recording

Record and monitor employee work hours and job descriptions and align them with the payroll system, and ensure speedier approvals as may be required.

No Claims & Reimbursements Recorded

Use automated claims and reimbursement processes to track and approve expenses, and send it to managers for approval.

No Field Data Capture

Undertake synchronised activity briefs, order captures and sales summaries regarding field visits and residential verification with a better workforce management system.

Experts involved with HR-related functions use our code-free platform to undertake

Action Assignments

Use digital workflow for human resources to monitor employee performance, HR executives define HR executives, and these are automated processes and HR flowcharts solution that provides undertake employee verification in the feedback and appraisal stages, strengthen the onboarding process, and collect data better.

Residential Verification

Process for automating collecting and verifying data collected by field users by visiting residents and enabling sending this information seamlessly to higher management for approvals and decision making.


Its defined automated processes to help employees reimburse claims by filling in requisite details into a dynamic claim form, automatically sent to the concerned managers for approval. Details are verified based on which the claims are accepted or rejected.


Automated timesheets help to monitor employees and track their work hours. The automated applications operate seamlessly across platforms and simplify processing, the requirement of any approvals, and alignment with the payroll process.


Complete automation of the employee onboarding cycle - from collecting employee information to the screening process and interview setting, the processes can also be pre-defined into the salary negotiation and offer acceptance stages or rejection stages. Use business process management tools to automate processes and optimize the use of resources.

Event Management

Define automated processes for conducting events and sending invitations to various departments—easy management of logistics undertaken parallelly to ensure quick closure, conduct e-Sat and track improvements

Flexible HR management tools that empower teams and encourage process improvements

Elevate quality and overall sales through employee performance monitoring, HR process flowcharts and HR flowcharts solutions, boosting productivity and coordination through KRA management, and ensure stronger engagement across teams through a workflow for Human resources.

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