Create a Territory

  1. Go to Configurator > Territories.

    The Territories page appears.

  2. Click Manage Territories card.

  3. Click Create Territory button.

    The Create Territory page appears with the Google map on the right side.

  4. Enter a name for the territory in the Enter Territory Name textbox.

  5. Enter an Id for the territory in the Enter Territory Number textbox.
  6. Select the below options for the Select Type dropdown.
    • Circle: Allows you to select a location in the google map. Select distance from the Radius dropdown.

    • Free Hand: Allows you to draw a territory as per your requirement in the google map.

  7. Optional: Use the below options for Free Hand if needed.
    • Load Customers: Allows you to load the customers in the drawn area.
    • Clear Map: Allows you to clear the Google map.
    • Remove Last Point: Allows you to clear the last selected point in the google map.
  8. Click Save, or Save & New to create a new territory.