Procurement Template Types

Template Type Description and Available Templates
Successful organizations depend on feedback, whether it comes from customers, the public, your employees, or your events. To get proper feedback, you need a feedback process template that captures all the relevant information. You can use these process templates to build a better working environment, increase the efficiency of your company, and provide more valuable service. You can select a feedback template from the marketplace and customize the questions as per your business requirements. The available templates in this type are:
  • Customer Feedback
  • Fish Farmer Feedback
Enrollment is a registration process that helps you collect details like personal information, contact details, address, etc. These enrollment process templates are great if you want to go paperless as well as save time. You can use an enrollment process template to collect required information, verification, account creation, etc. You can use these templates to conduct enrollments for any service such as loans, subscriptions, student registrations, dealer registrations, etc. The available templates in this type are:
  • New Dealer Visit
Travel requisition
A travel requisition lists the expenses that will be incurred for travel. Travel requisitions can be used to help manage organization expenditures. These templates help you to claim reimbursement as well as to manage every activity in a workflow. You can use these templates to document all the information that a traveler needs to forward for approval from a higher authority. It includes trip dates, destinations, important notes on the trip, travel services such as mode of travel, accommodation, meals, car rental, approvals, etc. This type is pre-equipped with some sample templates that can manage workflows in tourism, production tours, etc. The available templates in this type are:
  • Tourism Details
  • Tour Program
  • Production Tour Plan
  • Production Tour Plan
Poultry feed supply
Poultry feed supply plays a crucial role in the poultry industry. You must have proper records like quantity supplied, the amount spent, etc., to track the feed supply. Use these templates to capture details of the feed supply and maintain the other activities involved in the supply. You can easily manage all the workflows involved in bird feeding, birds lifting, daily farm monitoring, dealer feedback, promotional events, etc. These are very convenient to use and provides easy access to the data when required. The available templates in this type are:
  • Bird Lifting
  • Bird Lot Process
  • Bird Lifting
  • Farmer Follow up
  • Bird Lot Process
  • Tech Support Issue Tracker
  • Testing Daily Farm Monitoring
  • Testing Daily Farm Monitoring
  • Testing Lot
  • Testing Process
  • Fish Culture
  • Fish Dealer Lead Funnel
  • Fish Farmer Feed Stock
  • Fish Farmer Lead Funnel
  • Official Meeting
  • Shrimp Culture Process
  • Shrimp Dealer Lead Funnel
  • Shrimp Farmer Feedback
  • Shrimp IB Promotional Event
  • Shrimp Species Culture Process
  • Shrimp Marketing Material and Branding
Waste Management
Waste management refers to the collection, transportation, and disposal of human waste products. It can also refer to the monitoring and management of waste. The waste management process templates help you to manage waste operations from collection to disposal. These templates provide an easy way to manage the activities like waste disposal, food waste log, waste transfer, etc. These are very convenient to use and provides easy access to data when required. Here are some sample templates you can use to manage workflows in the waste management process.
  • Garbage Pickup
The hotel templates are important for those in the hotel industry, offering more efficient, cost-effective ways to take care of many tasks and operations. These were designed to assist with the day-to-day management of a hotel, resort, or similar property. These solutions are popular within the hotel and hospitality industry, allowing tasks that previously needed to be carried out manually on paper to be performed digitally. These templates allow you to digitally manage bookings, your calendar, and more. You can use these templates to streamline processes, reduce costs, increase revenue, improve customer experience, etc. Here are some sample templates you can use to manage workflows in hotel management.
  • Hotel Confirmation Work
Farms process templates allow you to manage workflows in farm management like farmer management, crop inspection, procurement process, etc. These templates are very helpful for registering new farmers for your business needs. You can capture any information and keep track of every activity related to crops. The templates in this type are generic, and you can customize them as per your business requirement. This type is pre-equipped with the below templates.
  • Farmer Visit & Order
  • Farmer Visit & Order
  • Farmer Management
  • Farm Vaccination
  • Farm Bio-Security
  • Farmer Training
  • Farmer Procurement Process
  • Farmer Activity Work Process
  • Fish Farmer Deactivation
Loan Management
The loan management process templates help you to automate workflows in loan processing. You can use these templates to manage activities in a loan process like collecting customer details, customer dedupe verification, document verification, loan approvals, etc. These templates provide a better user experience, the accuracy of loan applications, improved decision accuracy, and eliminate paper documents. This type is pre-equipped with some sample templates which can manage workflows in loan management.
  • Loan Processing Check
  • Loan Approval Process