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Challenges in Manufacturing & Servicing

Manufacturing industries are always engaged in the battle with the competitors, on the cusp of meeting a deadline, and finally satisfying the customers with their impeccable service. Other challenges that add to the demanding industry are:

Cluttered Data

Data with no proper management leads to ill-timed decisions and unwanted expenses.

Inefficient Workflows

Disordered manual work and labor increases bottlenecks and decreases profitability.

Increasing Demands

Keeping pace with the increasing industry requirements & trends.

Increasing Product Complications

Attempting to meet all demands leads to a more complicated product.

Improving Customer Relationship In Manufacturing & Servicing

Our set of applications for manufacturing and servicing enables companies to improve their order fulfillment and customer service through a single-window application that makes it easy to monitor and track orders and customer queries.

  • Order Booking

    Choose the customer and book orders as per their requirements.

  • Dashboard

    View all orders and fulfillment status for all customers from a single window.

  • Raise Ticket

    Enter details of the incident to raise a ticket and assign the service to a field executive.

  • Dashboard

    Check the status of all the complaints and tickets through a single window.

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