Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations

Efficiently plan, track, and audit your operations with advanced workflow management

Improve monitoring and process planning

Integrate operations through advanced workflow automation

With several plugins, Effort enables increased efficiency within operations teams through performance monitoring, C-sat surveys, and conducting process audits. It also tracks closure through automatic allocation of NCs to concerned departments. You can undertake smoother operations through proactive daily/weekly work plans that are real-time and geo-based.

Poor operations tracking

Effort provides a bird’s eye view into your internal operations, enabling you to undertake functions seamlessly. Our business process management toolsThis help businesses track project progress updates easily.

Poor Project Planning

Ensure proper discipline from
start to finish and define
stages within projects
through workflow

Low Status

Save time by tracking project
status across the organization
through centralized data
collection and a unified

Lack of

Save time by tracking
project status across
the organization through
centralized data collection
and a unified dashboard.

Lack of

Finding it difficult to manually update
dealer information?
Automate the process!

Unclear Data

Collect KYC details from customers, onboard, and ensure proper bank account verification digitally; in other words, undertake seamless eKYC.

Laborious Registration process

Cut down on manual effort through automation. Ensure seamless registration through dynamic forms to onboard customers.

Unstructured Log

Collect proper data and track equipment systems through automated logs. This is beneficial especially when it comes to maintaining equipment logs and records about daily operational equipment used.

Experts involved with Operations workflow management use our code free platform to

Project Progress Updates

Capture data, and understand project related progress automatically through updated and improved status tracking. Use BPM tools to push data through to the managerial and executive level for verifications, approvals, and any other feedback. Access excellent project and operation planning tools.


Update KYC documents of customers with the click of a button, automatically. Instead of manually ensuring records are updated, verify existing documents and cross-check for new documents through user friendly operational automation workflow processes, and collect data with ease, and fetching data from vendors to check Credit score & other details


Filling up a form was never easier! Do away with laborious registration processes by submitting details easily, onboard customers, and be guided through next steps.

Equipment Maintenance Log

Create streamlined workflow management system operations with equipment maintenance requests. Capture data seamlessly through field agents and verify the same with speedier movement through to the managerial levels.

Assign, support, and undertake completion of operational workflows across various functions

Create easier automated workflow and workforce solutions to manage projects, gather approvals, assign and complete tasks.

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