Effort no-code platform benefits the poultry industry by simplifying and automating operations of all sizes, from feed management to flock monitoring.

Effort is a versatile platform that can be customized to fit the specific needs of any poultry operation, regardless of size or complexity. Here's a list of areas where EFFORT no-code platform can fit:

Challenges in Poultry and Agrovet Industry

For an agrovet and poultry industry, time is of the essence. Managing the orders, replenishing products, maintaining records of the products, sales, etc. creates a huge cluster of data and it most often than not utilized effectively, reducing profitability. Other challenges include:

Unproductive Farming
Unproductive Farming

Improper resource management leading to a decrease in productivity.

Vendor Grievances
Vendor Grievances

Inefficient workflows lead to delay in delivering new orders, grievances and on-boarding a vendor.

Lack of Data Precision
Lack of Data Precision

Inaccurate manual data entry leads to errors and fraud.

Experts from Agrovet / Poultry use our code-free platform to manage

  • Field & Water Management

    Ensure the availability of the required amount of resources in the field.

  • Harvest

    Monitor the quality and track the outflow of the harvest.

  • Complaint Registration

    Ensure simplified complaint registration to ensure quick feedback.

  • PD Executive

    Get complaints reviewed by the PD executive for further investigation.

  • Regional Manager

    Ensure visibility for regional managers on all complaints to take on-time action.

  • Order Creation

    Easy to use order creation forms to help fulfill demands on time.

  • Order Dispatch

    Ensure on-time delivery of orders through a one-window order dispatch dashboard.

  • Regional Manager

    On-time approvals from regional managers to avoid delays in shipping.

Track market activities to ensure total visibility on sales and profits.

  • Chicks Placed

    Document the number of chicks placed in the lot daily.

  • Daily Tracking

    Track the activities at the farm and the current status of the chicks.

  • Dashboard

    Get a one-window overview of the health status of Chicks daily.

  • Lifting Order

    Approve and track lifting orders with the details of each order documented.

  • Lifting Fulfillment

    Track the order fulfillment of Chicks sent to the customers to keep records.

  • Dashboard

    Get a one-window overview of the status of all orders in a day.

  • Convert Farmer

    Document the conversion to farmers through the application to keep records.

  • Farm Details

    Keep track of all the approved farm details in a secured database.

  • Farmer Discussion

    Record and review farmer discussion to ensure total visibility of on-farm activities.

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