Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations

Better Yield Through Improved Farm Management

Monitor and track farm field activities to ensure improved management of farms for a higher return on poultry investments.

Challenges in Poultry Industry

For an poultry industry, time is of the essence. Managing the orders, replenishing products, maintaining records of the products, sales, etc. creates a huge cluster of data and it most often than not utilized effectively, reducing profitability. Other challenges include:

Unproductive Farming

Improper resource management leading to a decrease in productivity.

Vendor Grievances

Inefficient workflows lead to delay in delivering new orders, grievances, and on-boarding a vendor.

Lack of Data Precision

Inaccurate manual data entry
leads to errors and fraud.

Experts from Poultry use our code-free platform to

Order Management Process

Building applications that enhance the end-to-end process of order fulfillment from creation to approval.

Poultry Financial Records

PoultryCare expenses, income, profits on a daily, weekly, monthly, & annual basis. This includes both direct & indirect costs.

Poultry Monitoring

Building solutions that help in the daily tracking of farm activities to ensure total visibility for higher management.

New Farmer Registration

Applications that accelerate the farmer registration process to the smooth & hassle-free onboarding process.

Daily Farm

Ensure the availability of the required amount of resources in the field.

Management System

Ensure simplified complaint registration to ensure quick feedback.


Easy to use order creation forms to help fulfill demands on time.


Effort solution integrates daily reports, purchases, sales, expenses, price details & accounting

Find out how Effort transformed workflows for a
leading Poultry company.

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