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Efficient sales and marketing teams follow an automated workflow management system to drive revenue and growth.

Traditionally, manual processes were required to carry out functions in sales and marketing – these included reaching out to potential prospects, ensuring conversions, and driving customers through the sales funnel. Today’s digital age believes in data and numbers – and the most efficient sales and marketing teams use data to their advantage.

Workflow for marketing and sales involves integrating technology and tools into these processes to increase efficiency across the entire team, save resources, and track growth. This kind of workflow management system and flowchart marketing process allows businesses to design custom processes that can be carried out in a timely and scheduled manner regularly.

9 essential sales workflows for every organization

Order booking automation in sales

Booking orders through automated processes help in streamlining the entire order management process. Order booking is the first step in conversion from a prospective lead to deal closure. Every management and backend process involved in the sales and marketing process needs a good order booking workflow management system that enables it to capture relevant information regarding the order properly and undertake administrative tasks associated with booking the order.

Through order booking automation in sales, a company can mitigate errors in the process, manage multiple orders, follow up, create service requests, and more. From getting a purchase order in sales, booking groceries, banquet halls, medical equipment, and railways to gift cards, Effort provides various customizable order forms to smoothen the sales process

Collection process automation

Minimizing the collection process involves automation of the steps involved. Collection process automation helps in eliminating hiccups in the clerical and administrative tasks that are involved, allowing collectors to focus their intelligence on more complex matters.

Effort provides various dynamic and customizable forms for automating collections – cash collection forms, supervisor cash reconciliation forms, chits collection, and undertaking collections and deposits for specific products and services

Field inspection in sales and marketing

Time-saving, easy to navigate and use, and breaking down procedures into risk-free processes – in a nutshell, this is field inspection in sales and marketing. Versatile solutions enable customers to adopt processes faster. If a company has various field units running multiple operations, automating the process would allow it to execute these functions smoothly.

Automation helps in deriving high-value field inspection experiences through specific customized forms. These forms enable capturing data, carrying out site inspections, managing staff visits, tracking customer visits, organizing retailers and distributors, and preparing daily or weekly field reports.

Client onboarding checklist

Every business knows that it runs because of its clientele. Retaining existing clients and finding prospective clients is an essential aspect of doing business.

Every company has a client onboarding process – welcoming the client, noting their queries, providing responses, addressing concerns, and helping them understand the products and services that are available to them. To nurture client relationships, it is important to have a seamless onboarding process. One of the surefire ways to get this right is through a client onboarding checklist.

Effort provides automated onboarding checklists which help in creating distinguishable processes to move forward in this client relationship-building aspect.

Customer Registration

Online registrations can be tedious, and most customers prefer doing business with a company that makes this process simple and smooth. A registration process allows companies to understand their clients by gathering relevant information about them.

When this process is automated, it helps users quickly fill in the information and reduces the time taken for onboarding. Automated customer registration forms also provide a much-needed level of customization required for each new customer that needs to be onboarded onto a system. Moreover, these forms also help in retrieving information as and when required in the future.

Marketing survey

Marketing surveys and feedback are a great way to understand what customers need. In the backdrop of an ever-evolving business landscape, it becomes difficult to track and analyze customer requirements. Since businesses run primarily to cater to clients, they conduct surveys to gauge insight into their clients’ problems and how they may be solved.

Marketing surveys also help businesses understand how to improve their customer outreach and which channels to use to distribute their products and services. Automating the market survey process helps businesses identify their goals and objectives in a more focused manner, without using too much workforce, and enables receiving data more efficiently.

Promotions and discounts automation

Looking to boost sales? Try automating your promotions.

Traditionally, companies have used promotions and discounts as a way to lure customers. However, when carried out manually, this process can be time-consuming and most often ineffective. Imagine sifting through thousands of customers to offer specialized promotions and offers to some of them on an exclusive basis.

Using promotions and discounts automation helps in improving monitoring, tracking, and increasing workload efficiency in the sale of products and services.

Lead generation

Most marketers use automation to generate leads. Gone are the days of cold calls, sifting through voluminous data, and reaching prospective customers manually.

There are several ways in which companies can automate their lead generation and lead management process and optimize it to their advantage. From creating lead magnets to sending out email newsletters, offering value through social media channels, and offering referral programs to increase brand loyalty, there are many ways. All these processes can be simplified using lead generation automation workflow.

Competitor Assessment

One of the biggest mistakes most companies make is forgetting about competitor assessment. While doing business is important, it’s also important to know what your competitors are up to. BPM tools give companies the edge in analyzing and assessing their competitors, and this, in turn, increases internal efficiency.

Other Functions

Through workflow automation in sales & marketing, businesses can also undertake seamless invoice raisingstock verificationperformance monitoring, and sales reversals.

Get Effort to automate sales and marketing

Effort provides simplified solutions that help businesses save countless hours, increase internal efficiency, and mitigate the risk of manual errors in carrying out sales and marketing tasks.

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