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Challenges in the Retail Industry

Retail is an ever-changing industry and customer expectations change in the blink of an eye. Retailers are continuously striving to keep pace with the latest trends in the marketplace.

The challenges faced by the retails industry are:

Inefficient Workflows

Unorganized and untrackable workflows lead to ill-timed deliveries and unbalanced data analysis.

Ineffective Communication

Lack of proper internal communication makes it hard to manage complex operational processes.

Improper Management

Delayed approvals on stock dispatch lead to low productivity and low incentives.

Lack of Insights

Lack of consumer behavior analysis for making improved business decisions based on data.

Improving Field Staff Management With Customizable Applications

Choose from a multitude of customizable forms and applications to ensure increased efficiency and productivity for your field executives. The technology used in our applications and the logic designed by industry experts ensures total efficiency.

  • Stock Request

    Easy to use stock request forms within the application.

  • Approval

    Centralized single-window dashboard to approve stock requests quickly.

  • Load In

    Enter and track load-in quantities for warehouse management.

  • Sales

    Book orders and generate sales invoices at the customer location.

  • Customer Returns

    Flag and monitor expired or damaged goods re-collected from the customer.

  • Cash Collection

    Enter details of every cash transaction at the customer location.

  • Load Out

    Track the returned goods at the end of each day.

  • Create Store Audit

    Create store profiles to schedule audit visits and keep track of all audits.

  • Store Audit Action

    Enter store audit observations on grooming and staff interactions.

  • Vendor Bank Details

    Collect vendor's bank details for easy payouts and transactions.

  • Vendor Information

    Collect vendor's details and contact information to simplify communication.

  • Verification Details

    Keep track of verified vendors for greater control on the vendor program.

  • Service & Delivery

    Track the servicing and delivery of products to ensure on-time servicing.

  • Service Request

    Enable customers to request product servicing and submit issues.

  • Service Validity Check

    Check the service validity of the product requested for servicing.

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