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Roadside Assistance (RSA) For Automobile Industry

Automobile customers provides roadside assistance to their customers in case of any problem they face with their vehicles like breakdown, Towing etc.

A No-Code & DIY (do-it-yourself ) Platform.

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What is Roadside assistance and why it is Necessary for Automobile Industry ?

Roadside assistance (RSA) is also known as on-road protector, car helpline, or car breakdown service. No matter how premium or expensive your car might be, it can still suffer a breakdown or run out of fuel/battery anytime, anywhere. This could leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere, which is why finding a garage or mechanic could be challenging and cause unpredictable delays to your journey. We don’t want to experience such delays to Automobile vehicle manufacturing companies or service centers customers, which is why we offer our roadside assistance solutions to Automobile companies!

Advantages of Roadside Assistance ( RSA) Solution

No- Code Platform
Get visibility on activities
Technician alert through In App alarm
field force management tool - schedule
Constant updates to the customer on ticket.
Field-force-management solutions - custom forms
Integration with multiple systems.
Field-force-management solutions - route mapping
Technician location status for the customer.
Real-Time Visibility
Intelligence based auto allocation of tickets to nearest technicians.
Field-force-management solutions - online and offline
Live technician monitoring interface (auto assign, locate, assign, track)
field force management tool - real time alerts
Customer location
capture through SMS link

Field Force Management Software for Automobile company customers

Manage roadside assistance team and your Automobile service using the automation features of EFFORT. Help your customers reduce their downtime by expediting the roadside assistance process.

Streamline Roadside Assistance Operations

Cases can be created from the call Centre agency or through external 3rd party systems viz MS CRM, Salas force

The cases will be assigned to the Technician .
1.Call Centre

2.Based on the ETA of the technician within the customer radius.

Technician will reach the customer location.

Technician will check the vehicle and mark the case against the same

Based on technician selection, the case moves to the respective stage.

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