Smart Sales & Marketing Workflows to Empower Teams

Sales & Marketing are one of the most important functions for any business as they are directly responsible to drive revenues. Hence, companies should ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency even when unexpected occurrences (like the pandemic) happen.

Its important for companies to ensure smooth lead management, customer onboarding, order booking, collections, field inspections, and many such core workflows.

Inefficient management
Inefficient management

By automating workflows, businesses can manage application processes, streamline critical functions, and save time and resources.

Poor Field Operations
Poor Field Operations

Ready to jump on the anytime anywhere bandwagon? With automated workflows,teams can access digital functions and processes remotely, or otherwise, easily.

Lack of responsiveness
Lack of responsiveness

Storage, collection, and sharing of data smartly through automated processes helps in collaborating better internally.

Low Conversions
Low Conversions

If your business is looking to drive its conversion rates higher, use automated workflows and unlock stronger business insights to enable this.

Lead Scarcity
Lead Scarcity

Dynamic lead generation forms help in converting visitors and helping businesses to optimize their marketing strategies.

No Data Updates
No Data Updates

Workflow processes allow in constantly updating brand collateral and immediately making it available for the sales team.

No CRM document generation
No CRM document generation

Create proposals, invoices, documents, contracts, and more, with BPM tools.

Experts involved with sales & marketing related functions use our code-free platform to

Order Booking

Empower your business to use advanced booking processes. Record information of customers more accurately, and calculate profits and revenues better.


Automated tools help define processes and easily collect data about payment collection and that make collecting payments and other fee collections from clients and make responsiveness faster. These tools help follow up with clients, ensure necessary approvals are obtained, and complete payments.

Field Inspection

Automated processes help carry out on-site inspections and field visits by ensuring a smooth audit process or proper verification and approval of documentation

Client Onboarding Checklist

Automated tools help to use a series of set processes that are pre-defined whenever the company is onboarding a new client. It involves collecting basic KYC information, sharing a welcome kit, and authenticating details with the management, to make the process more efficient as may be necessary.

Customer Registration

Collect customer information better through various customized templates. Define processes and verify details easily. Automate workflow in marketing and sales use workflow management software to cut down the time and manual effort and improve field operations


Use sales and marketing workflow automation to create predefined steps to help employees nurture customers from a prospect stage to the end of the sales funnel seamlessly.


Engage customers with clean and minimally designed surveys. Use workflow management software and BPM tools to collect feedback and responses, and generate insight to improve sales & marketing functions.

Promotions & Discounts

Initiate beautiful flows with the help of business process management software to enable customers to deal with discounts and promotions, especially for approved customers.

Lead Generation

Handle leads better, keep clients engaged, ensure cold lead re-engagement, and increase customer retention through automation workflows. Define processes to help sales & marketing workforce channel customers through a lead generation process.

Market Survey

Understand customer needs better, and use automated forms to collect and track customer information. Conduct market surveys to identify problems, analyze data, and take better action.

Competitor Assessment

Evaluate competitors’ marketing and sales strategies, products, and their strengths and weaknesses. Create improved workflows through useful analyses.

Use workflow management to personalize customer interactions and improved sales communication with prospects

Allowing better collaboration through sales and marketing automation software to enable synergies and prioritized customer experiences.

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