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Digitizing Business Development

for Customer Satisfaction

MakeMyTrip is a leading online travel agency that offers domestic and international ticketing across the globe. With its growing success the company decided to enrich its offer venturing into a new segment – that of holiday packages and hotel reservations. This was an instant hit with customers and proliferated, eventually contributing to about 50 percent of their profit.


Unmet Customer Problems

Over a period of time, hotels failed to deliver on customer expectations posing a serious threat to the OTA’s credibility and brand image.

Scale of Work

The BDM Team set to educate the hotels about the platform would not be able to complete all the tasks due the magnitude and scale of work. This led to incomplete data and less chances of hotels onboarding on the platform.

Lack of total coverage

Due to uncertain mapping methods, BDMs would completely miss out visiting certain hotels thereby leaving unresolved issues. This would lead to hotels feeling dissatisfied with the platform.

Lack of proper data

BDMs would fill incomplete information on hotels. Reports were delayed and incomplete with no data analysis to identify scope of improvements.

The Spoors Solution

The Spoors Solution
Auto-pointers to problem areas

Using Effort, hotel profiles with 60 user-defined customer fields were created to define the strengths and weaknesses of each hotel. BDMs would get automated suggestions on critical topics to be addressed in the meetings with the management.

Customer record updation simplified

Geofencing and Geo Tagging features ensure that BDMs fill the data at customer location to make sure none of the details are missing. It adds authenticity to hotel information and enables the company with rich data.

Ensuring Complete Coverage

Regional segregation of hotels and allocating territories to BDMs using venue recommender and smart mapping techniques ensured the coverage of every hotel in a region. This enabled the company to provide their customers with more options than ever before.

Getting Better Deals from Hotels

Intelligent reporting systems empowered BDMs with quick-access information and instant approvals, enabling them to negotiate better with the hotels and demand better deals and more commission.

The Benefits

  • Customer face time increased by 15 minutes
  • Coverage compliance increased by 100%
  • Hotel misses reduced by 100%
  • Data reporting time reduced by 8 hours
  • Hotel Staff Engagement increased by 100%
  • Time to address high priority issues reduced by 3 days

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