Seamless AMC Management with Effort Software

Elevating Service Excellence with Effort’s AMC Management Software

An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) establishes a valuable agreement between clients and vendors for product maintenance. Effort’s AMC management software offers a user-friendly dashboard that provides concise information on all due AMCs. Easily access details about upcoming AMC renewals with a simple click on our cloud-based platform.

Effort’s software enables you to efficiently manage various contract types, including Annual Maintenance Contracts, Preventive Maintenance Contracts, Business Promotion Calls, Product Delivery Calls, and Complaint Service Calls. This versatility accommodates products with warranty contracts that require regular servicing.


Experience the Power of Effort Software

  1. Effortless PMS Visit Scheduling: Preventive Maintenance Schedules (PMS) are integral to AMC contracts, offering scheduled maintenance visits. Our AMC management software organizes and displays PMS details, sending instant notifications to service engineers for prompt action.
  2. Enhanced PMS Checklist: To optimize support quality, Effort’s software allows you to manage multiple checklists for PMS visits. These predefined activities facilitate comprehensive service during each PMS visit, ensuring top-notch service delivery.
  3. Effortless AMC Time Period Management:  Easily input AMC start and end dates for products and accessories during installation. Effort’s software dashboard displays AMC due reminders, ensuring timely actions.
  4. Instant AMC Pending Notifications: Effort’s AMC Management Software enables service managers to track AMCs nearing expiration within the next 30 days, ensuring proactive attention, highlighted on the home screen.
  5. Comprehensive Product Details: When generating AMCs, Effort’s software mandates Product Principal’s name and Product serial number. This streamlines after-sales support, consolidating vital product and principal information on a single platform.
  6. Effortless Machine Site Tracking: Effort’s software aids in monitoring differences between customer billing addresses and machine installation sites. This distinction ensures accurate site tracking and improved service.
    Effort’s AMC management software simplifies the tracking of essential annual maintenance contract information, accessible with a single keyboard click. It centralizes customer details and product purchase data, managing Annual Maintenance Contracts, Preventive Maintenance Contracts, and Complaint Service Calls for products requiring regular servicing.
  7. Effort’s Advantages in AMC Management: Effortless Customer Management Our software comprehensively stores customer details, including contacts, product purchases, spare parts requests, service history, PMS visit scheduling, checklists, AMC renewal reminders, and pending notifications. This readily accessible information enhances post-installation customer assistance and ensures smooth AMC management.
  8. Efficient Call History Maintenance: Each PMS visit automatically updates the software’s call history feature. This history aids in continuous improvement by providing invaluable insights for enhanced customer service and satisfaction.
  9. Effort’s Intelligent Service Call Reminders: Automated call reminders prompt timely actions for pending AMC renewals or PMS visits until marked as “done,” ensuring tasks are addressed promptly.
  10. Email and Message Alerts: Effort’s integrated alerts system facilitates email and messaging campaigns. Keep customers informed about registered complaints, service completion, and AMC contract status, fostering transparent communication.
  11. Complaint Management System: Effort’s dedicated module tracks each complaint, monitoring follow-up activities until resolution. Integrated tools generate charts and reports to provide comprehensive insights into business performance.

Effort AMC Management Software: Your Partner in Excellence

Key Features of Effort AMC Management Software Solution

  • Warranty management and reminder system
  • Automated email campaigns and reminder reports
  • User-friendly interface for streamlined management
  • Efficient service engineer scheduling
  • Comprehensive complaint resolution tracking
  • Maintenance contract management
  • Customer data management system
  • Quick AMC and per-call system
  • Log call history for informed decisions


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