Maximizing Customer Satisfaction with EFFORT’s Road Side Assistance Solutions

Road side Assistance (RSA) is an essential service provided by automobile companies to their customers. RSA is aimed at providing assistance to customers in case of breakdown, towing, or any other vehicle-related issues. RSA is a critical service, especially when customers are travelling in remote areas or with their families. In such situations, it is essential for the automobile company to ensure that the technicians are available 24/7 and are alerted in case of any issues. To address these challenges, automobile companies are now turning to no-code platforms like EFFORT.

Challenges faced by the Automobile Industry in providing RSA: The RSA industry faces several challenges, including:

  1. Location Tracking: One of the primary challenges faced by the RSA industry is tracking the location of the customer and the technician. Often, customers are in remote areas with poor network coverage, making it challenging to track their location accurately.
  2. Technician Availability: It is essential for the RSA industry to have a large network of technicians available at all times. However, finding technicians to cover remote areas can be a challenge.
  3. Integration with Multiple Systems: To provide efficient RSA, the industry needs to integrate with multiple systems, including mapping, location tracking, and ticketing systems.
  4. Customer Updates: Customers expect constant updates on their tickets and the ETA for resolution.

Solution: EFFORT Platform EFFORT is a no-code platform that provides solutions to the challenges faced by the RSA industry. EFFORT offers several benefits, including:



  1. Customer Location Capture: EFFORT allows for the capture of customer location through an SMS link. This feature is beneficial in areas with poor network coverage.
  2. Technician Alert: EFFORT sends an in-app alarm to technicians in case of a new ticket, ensuring that the technician is notified immediately.
  3. Constant Customer Updates: EFFORT provides constant updates to the customer on the ticket status and ETA for resolution, improving customer satisfaction.
  4. Integration with Multiple Systems: EFFORT integrates with multiple systems, including mapping, location tracking, and ticketing systems, to provide efficient RSA.
  5. Technician Location Status: EFFORT allows customers to track the location of the technician assigned to their ticket.
  6. Auto Allocation of Tickets: EFFORT uses intelligence-based auto allocation of tickets to the nearest available technician, improving response time.
  7. Live Technician Monitoring: EFFORT provides a live technician monitoring interface that allows for the automatic assignment, location tracking, and monitoring of the assigned technician.

In conclusion – the RSA industry faces several challenges in providing efficient and reliable services to customers. However, the adoption of no-code platforms like EFFORT can provide solutions to these challenges. EFFORT provides several benefits, including customer location capture, technician alert, constant customer updates, integration with multiple systems, technician location status, auto allocation of tickets, and live technician monitoring. By using no-code platforms like EFFORT, the RSA industry can improve customer satisfaction and provide efficient and reliable services to customers.