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Challenges in Telecom

Telecom and ISP is the fastest growing industry worldwide but also the most error-induced one. With ever-changing technologies, these industries are having a hard time when it comes to managing their internal tasks while providing impeccable customer service. Some challenges they face are:

Communication Issues

Since there’s a lack of efficient operational management and workflows, there’s very little collaboration.

Decreasing Customer Acquisition

Ineffective service management is leading to poor customer acquisition and loyalty.

Manual Labor

The number of personnel required for manual labor increases investments.

Ineffective Workflows

Ineffectual workflows decrease the ability to scale with the growing demand.

Streamlining Execution Plans to Enable Action On Time

Choose customized forms to improve productivity and enhance collaboration between back-office employees and field staff. Ensure proper scheduling and on-time visits to provide a memorable customer experience.

  • Modify PJP

    Assign and define a visit type to modify permanent journey plans.

  • Fill PJP

    Fill the form to completely define visit type and opportunities for further communication.

  • Create Store Audit

    Create store profiles to schedule audit visits and keep track of all audits.

  • Store Audit Action

    Enter store audit observations on grooming and staff interactions.

  • Vendor Bank Details

    Collect vendor's bank details for easy payouts and transactions.

  • Vendor Information

    Collect vendor's details and contact information to simplify communication.

  • Verification Details

    Keep track of verified vendors for greater control on the vendor program.

  • Service & Delivery

    Track the servicing and delivery of products to ensure on-time servicing.

  • Service Request

    Enable customers to request product servicing and submit issues.

  • Service Validity Check

    Check the service validity of the product requested for servicing.

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