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This Week’s Top Stories About How Field Service Management Software Is Useful In NBFC

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Each industry vertical from banking and insurance institutions, automobile industry, to retail, manufacturing, food and grocery delivery, and telecom industry, does not only offering on-demand services but also have a number of employees working in the field across different locations. They may be either delivering products at customer’s doorstep, extracting information or promoting products and services with a direct interaction with the customer. Even the sales force staff is mostly out meeting prospective customers and managing multiple appointments. There is an extensive need to streamline all the field force operations.

The demand for instant resolution of queries and changing trends in the product and service industry has made small and medium enterprises to step up the on-demand offering. Be it a call center or mobile-based apps, the demand for service and resolution is only increasing.

Managing Timelines while improving productivity especially for the NBFC Sector is extremely critical. Accelerating workflows for faster field operations at BFSI and NBFCs for a quick TAT, where one can do more in less time without compromising on quality is the need of the hour.

The NBFC and BFSI sectors continue to be at the forefront of driving the economy of a nation. But they too face many day-to-day challenges (both internal and external) which are making them inefficient. Here are a few challenges commonly faced by them in managing their field force:

In any industry where the service issue comes to play, scheduling of field force staff can be quite challenging. Especially when it is a loan process to handle where verification is involved. Right from mapping the location, time, alterations in timing, to keeping the resource busy and assigned with tasks throughout the day is a difficult task to handle manually. There may be last minute changes due to delays at another service, traffic or weather conditions. Also the loan process involves approvals at every level. Using the field management solution, automatically gets the process in play and all to be in control of the situation at all times.

Too many spreadsheets and lack of qualified personnel to handle them is a typical challenge faced by the NBFC sector. Getting the staff to get reports from time to time is a huge task, something that can easily be replaced by AI and a Machine to do the cumbersome task. Even Insights for projections and forecast can be effectively used with a good Field Force Management System.

Most often the details are lost in transit. Whether it’s the delay of knowledge transfer or just an informational inconsistency, data silos can gravely affect business workings of any organisation. To stay ahead of competition it is important to bring all data onto one unified platform that can be later retrieved. With the majority of businesses shifting online post covid, it is easier to stay updated and connected in real-time across various geographies, departments, locations and managers.

When service requires to reach the next level of operations, enterprises need not only know the strengths and weaknesses of the workforce and assign jobs accordingly, but also have a tool to assign tasks according to the workflows. A clear workflow can be integrated when the business objective for each task is clear and the responsibility is assigned to a resource. The Field Force Management Software ensures alignment of workflows.



Streamlining workflows with customizable applications is the need of the hour for large NBFC who can conveniently choose from a host of forms built specifically for a purpose to ensure total compatibility and maximum efficiency. The technology and the expertise of our builders ensure complete assurance of the highest quality.

Simplify Collections

Building solutions for all stages in the collections process for optimizing time and resources.

• Delinquent Customers – Get a single view window for all late or overdue payments
• Feedback Form – Get instant feedback from customers for process improvements
• Deposit Form – Easy to use deposit form for faster processing and transactions
• Deposit Approval – Easy to use deposit form for faster processing and transactions
• Receipt (Payment) Form – Generate receipts for payments while keeping track of all payments received
Receipt (Payment) Cancel Form – Record canceled payments in real-time for easy reporting

Accelerate Field Investigation

Field investigations involve a lot of paperwork and tedious tasks that are simplified with easy-to-use applications.
• Field Investigation Work – Oversee all field activities and track them in a single place.
• FI Form – Quick forms to increase the speed and efficiency of field operations.
FI Form Approval – Faster approvals and quicker TAT for customers

Enhance Audit

Precision & accuracy in auditing can be achieved using collaborative applications that are transparent & simple to use.
• Audit Work – Track and monitor audit teams for greater visibility.
• RCU Questionnaire Form – Understand and optimize risks with greater transparency.
Review by Regional Manager – Higher management visibility of audit operations on the go.


Effort is a no-code, easy-to-use and Do It Yourself (DIY) Field Force Management Software, SaaS platform to build specific mobility solutions for managing time-critical and location-sensitive workflows, business-process and field-operations challenges.

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