The Evolution Continues What’s New in EFFORT’s Latest Features 2.0 ?

Join us for an exclusive webinar on September 6th, 2023, as we continue our evolutionary journey with “The Evolution Continues: What’s New in EFFORT’s Latest Enhancement 1.1.” As valued members of our community, your unwavering support has driven us to reach new heights, and we’re excited to share this next phase of innovation with you.

During this interactive online event, we will unveil the latest advancements in our cutting-edge no-code platform – EFFORT Enhancement 1.1. Our commitment to simplifying and enhancing your application development experience remains stronger than ever, and with this new release, we’re pushing the boundaries even further.

Webinar Highlights:

✅ How to Show Promotional Pop Ups

✅ How to Read Number Plates with OCR

✅ Lodge Tickets without Logins (Qr Code)

✅ Lodge Tickets without Logins (Email)

✅ Perform Steps in a Flow with a 3rd Party Application

✅ Capture Multiple Images in One Go

✅ Clone Forms to Save Time From Marketplace

Mark your calendars for September 6th, 2023, and join us to witness the next stage of evolution in no-code application development with EFFORT Enhancement 1.1. Your journey towards effortless and innovative software creation continues with us. Stay tuned for more details on registration and agenda.

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