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Digitizing Field Verification and

Audit Processes for Improved Collaboration

Anaxee Digital is a field verification and audit company that helps companies collect and verify data directly from the end users for understanding consumer’s buying behavior of consumer, background and KYC verification, property verification, educating people about new products and offers, surveying and more.


Manual Verification of Data

The client’s field executives used to manually enter the information using a pen and paper which consumed a lot of time and led to errors in the data captured from the consumers. This led to data discrepancies or missing data fields.

Lack of Visibility

The management was unable to effectively track and monitor their field executives and the regions covered by them. The lack of information on who’s performing what tasks led to confusion and a haywired process.

Delayed Approvals

Due to the lack of direct communication between the field executives and the management, there were delays in the approval process which consumed a lot of time.

Proof of Documentation

There were no proofs of the verified documents available with the field executives which create challenges in tracking the verifications and audits.

The Spoors Solution

The Spoors Solution
Digital Updation of Data

The direct-to-app upload of documents along with a timestamp, photo, and digital signatures sent the data directly to the centralized platform for easy viewing by the managers for faster approvals and greater visibility on the entire process.

Improved Project Grouping

With digital connectivity, the grouping of field executives based on vendor requirements became easier. This provided them with more collaborative efforts for covering more ground in less time while allowing faster communication with the management.

Improved Field Staff Training

With Effort’s Knowledge Base feature, they were able to provide their field executives with instructions to help guide them through the process of auditing and verification. The resources are provided in the application itself for the field executives to access anytime.


With a Geo-tag, monitoring the groundwork of the field executives became easier and simpler, helping the management with visibility and bringing accountability on part of the field executives.

The Benefits

The Anaxee team learnt and integrated the platform themselves in under 10 days. Our comprehensible integrations are meant to make it easy for our clients to complete even the most complex integrations themselves, leading to:

  • Significant Reduction in Errors
  • Greater Transparency
  • Improved Accountability
  • Mobility Freedom

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