Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations Effort - Customize Workflow for Business Operations

Make your Remote Employees Comply with Time-Critical and Location-Sensitive Business Processes

Highly configurable and code-free automation platform to manage your deskless and remote workforce and their business workflows.

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Why Effort?

Effort is a Remote Workforce Business Process Management platform by Spoors. It is being used by 150+ customers across 10 countries with over 50000 users. Each day over 2 million activities are being performed on the platform. It has ensured more than 30% improvement in remote workforce productivity and operational Process efficiencies for most of its global clients.

Industry-Specific Remote Workforce Business Workflow Management Applications
DIY, Highly Configurable
Expert Built

Improve the Way you Manage Teams, Resources and Process

Face Recognition
Ensuring Adherence to Schedule
Geo Location based allocation
Proximity based presence validation
Optimising Route Plans & Day Plans
Intuitive Web,Mobile online and offline Forms to Gather Process Data
Approval, Conditional, and Checklist based workflows
AI/ML Bots to enhance process workflows integration
Real-time alerts
Offline Mobile/Web app
Notifications/Alarms To the Managers on Time-Critical Activities

Enhance your data collection capabilities.

30+ Data Types Including Video, Audio, Image, & Documents
Repeatable Sections
Multi Language
Multi Page/Tabs
Computed Fields
Remote Fields
Conditional Logic
Barcode And QR Code Support
Public And Private
Offline And Online
Voice Commands Support
Custom Mobile And Web Print Templates
Payment Gateway And Devices Integration
Bluetooth Printer And Devices Integration
Forms Reports Builder
Geo Tagging

Boost the productivity of your organization through better workflows.

Approval Flows
Conditional Action flows
Checklist Flows
Sub Tasks
Work Check-ins
Automatic Conditional Allocation Based On Location Proximity, Priority, Group, Customer Etc
Data Provider Bot
Decision Provider Bot
External Public Actions
Bulk Uploads And REST Based Work Creation
Escalation Matrix
SLA Definition And Monitoring TAT
Works Report Builder
Geo Tagging And Proximity Checks

Tweak your organizational processes to increase efficiency.

Offline Mobile App, Web App, And Web Lite
Google Data Studio

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Our Clients

Featured Applications Used Across
Business Functions

Form Designer

Design custom mobile forms in your web browser with our drag-and- drop form builder

Workflow Engine

Sequence activities & apply simple conditional logic to create complex workflows!

Workforce Management

Drive efficiency of your
workforce on the field
and off it too.

Mobile Applications

Configure the app the way you want with 800+ configurable parameters. Work seamlessly both Online and Offline

Report Builder

With 80+ reports and a configurable dashboard, managers can get a bird’s view of the employee performance.


Effort supports a wide
variety of Software and
Hardware Integrations.


No-Code Workforce & Workflow

Management Platform

Discover workflow and workforce solutions for your industry

Browse applications built by industry subject matter experts.


Streamline field operations for financial services to provide greater transparency and real-time visibility.

eCommerce and Travel Aggregators

Experience efficient product deliveries & hotel/partner onboarding for eCommerce & Travel aggregator.

Agrovet and Poultry

Real-time tracking of farm activities for better management and higher returns on Poultry and Agrovet investments.

Manufacturing and Services

Monitor & track manufacturing & offline sales along with store audits and frequent feedback to stay ahead in the competition.


Unify disparate retail processes through single-window operations & reporting, for faster processing at reduced costs.

Field Verification and Audit

Monitor & track field operations more efficiently with real-time data reporting, alerts, and auto-assigning tasks.

Telecom and ISP

Empower your telecom and broadband services with enhanced productivity and higher scalability through improved customer experience.


Provide your caregiving teams with efficient workflows & single-view data monitoring to make informed decisions & deliver patient satisfaction.

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